Monday, June 18, 2012

"Allow myself to introduce, myself..."

Inspired by my friend Kristin from , I decided to keep a blog of the recipes I make.

 First a little about me: My name is Carly and the best way to describe myself when it comes to my eating habits is picky. I love food but only certain foods. I want to use this blog as a way to expand on my eating habits while eating healthy at the same time. I am currently trying to eat vegan but since my fitness trainer/nutrition coach hates this, I'm trying to expand my palette. I am not eating enough during the day and not getting enough nutrients, so I need to change this to be more healthy.

 I used to eat meat and actually liked it. I also used to eat a lot of dairy. Why did I wake up one day and decide to change this? I think it had a lot to do with trying to find the perfect diet so I can lose more weight faster. It was working for a bit, but I found myself more hungry after meals and would end up bingeing before bedtime. Not good at all.

So I came up with this philosophy, when I'm not at home I can eat meat and dairy. I'll only eat animal products when out to eat or visiting somebody else's home. Didn't work, so now I'm back to my old eating habits, a semi-vegetarian. What does this mean? Usually it means you don't eat any meat except fish and eggs, and eat dairy. I've also been told a semi-vegetarian will eat the above and poultry. But most dairy does hurt my stomach so I try and stay away from it. I love cheese but it doesn't love me.

So what will my recipes consist of? A lot of baking, because I love to bake and you'll probably see a lot of vegetarian recipes.


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